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Who Support Us

The generosity of people, organizations, and companies make our work possible with financial and product contributions. We recognize that each contribution represents a judgment of trust in our ability to help people, and we are deeply appreciative for every bit of support that we receive.

Donations from individual persons provide a significant percentage of our annual funding and are essential to sustain our work. We hope you will consider making a contribution. Financial support is provided by a number of foundations and corporations involved in international health matters.

KRISHI has long benefited from strong ties to private companies that contribute used infrastructure, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and supplies that are in scarce supply and urgently needed around the world. We also benefit from innovative corporate giving practices and we support their initiative ideas for any social cause.


KRISHI believes in the power of working together to change lives. Every day, we join with a variety of organizations and companies to make a difference around the world.


KRISHI multiplies resources and the impact of its work through a growing, global network of partnerships with outstanding public, private and humanitarian organizations. In addition, the generosity of forward-thinking foundations and benefactors helps us to meet the constant challenges of making the world a better, safer place.

To begin with and extend its base across rural villages, KRISHI identifying rural hamlets and then evaluates the community in different facets. Based on the results necessary initiatives will be taken up on the focus areas while taking support from the public.