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Sponsoring Opportunities


Sponsor a Child :

You can commit to sponsor one or more of the children in rural areas: - INR 500 per month will help us meet the teaching & basic infrastructural costs - Another INR 1,000 a month will also fund their requirements for stationery, uniforms, health check-ups, etc. The sponsoring for one child is around INR 7,000/- per year, which will meet all the needs for one child studying in government school. We wound like a minimum of one year commitment from the sponsor. You may choose to send this monthly or quarterly or at any interval as per your convenience. Our resource persons will communicate progress reports and well-being of the child periodically to the sponsor.

You may also choose to commit a smaller amount towards provision of “School Kits” which include basic books, stationary, water bottle, school bag etc. as required material for their academic year. We have an event called “Back 2 School” Programmes to distribute School Kits in rural government schools, where the parental average income is less than $3 a day and they are categorized as “Below Poverty Line” (BPL) and underprivileged communities. The parents of the children are agricultural labor and daily wage earners; who cannot afford to pay for the education, but want their children to be lifted from the legacy of poverty and illiteracy.

Sponsor a Class:

Since we work with many of the Govt. Primary Schools in rural villages, the student count in each class usually in a range from 6 to 12. So the donors, who can afford a group of children will be able to consider sponsorship of “One Class.” This is a newly introduced programme, we intend to organize a mentor teacher / volunteer for this group of children to closely monitor and udpate the progress of the children to the Sponsor. We also provide a channel of communication to interact with the children at least once in a month through Phone or Skype Video Call.

Sponsor a Programme or Educational Equipment:

We are flexible to closely work with interested donors to appreciate their ideas and initiatives in conceptualizing new programmes to assist the underprivileged children in rural areas. We will help them in identifying a target group for the programme to execute or trial-run effectiveness of such new-age innovative programmes. Some of these new-age programmes are with digital means, activity based learning, science kits, educational tours, special teacher, teaching through video collaboration etc.

We also give the privilege of naming programmes with the names of their beloved family members, due respect and recognition will be assured for their donations/service.

Rural Awareness, empowerment and development programmes:

We are looking for like-minded individuals, professionals and other organizations including NGO's or private institutions to formulate programmes on specific cause or purpose to “Drive Change in Rural Areas.” These programmes mostly will be touching our focus areas such as Rural Healthcare, Agriculture, Development of Rural Amenities, Setting up of Resource Centers, Skill Development and empowerment of women etc.

  • Help poor people in health and education.
  • Provide Books to School Library.
  • Provide scholarships to poor students.
  • Conduct sports, quiz etc events.
  • Organize medical camps etc.
  • Create a fund as deposit and use the interest towards regular maintenance of the people residing in shelter homes.