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Education is one of the fundamental requirements that every child should have, regardless of their race, religion and color. At Krishi , we believe that easy and readymade access to education is an essential and towards that end work to provide access to basic education to poor children in Hyderabad.

With the goal of combating illiteracy and transforming the lives of poor children, Krishi has initiated several programs and deployed its energy and resources to ensure holistic education to the poor children, laying stress on the integrated development of not only their mental, but also physical, emotional, and psychological as well. In addition to academics, the education programmes also focuses on character and personality building in the process of imparting curricular and physical education to the poor children.

With persistent efforts since inception, Krishi has launched and supported education programmes for the poor children, in the fields of elementary education and adolescent education.


Health and hygiene are two of the most important elements for the overall well-being and progress of a human being. At Krishi , we understand that there are scores of poor and old people who are chronically neglected due to illiteracy, lack of basic cleanliness habits, and ignorance.

Krishi 's Health Programs lays stress on not only good health but also on creating awareness and providing knowledge on the various aspects of maintaining good health, the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. The idea is to bring about a transformation in the mindset of the poor and old, help support them in maintaining good health and hygiene and above all, motivate them in spreading the message of good health and hygiene among their families and community as a whole.